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TAYLOR SWIFT Visible Underwear

Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011 comments

This incident occurred when Taylor Swift concert in St.Louis, USA, Saturday (13 / 8).

As he was walking to the right side of the stage, Suddenly Flew dikenankannya bluedress, Because he was too close to the wind machine. As a result, her underwear a little peek. WHO viewers saw it, direct spontaneous cheering in surprise. But this didnot last long.
Despite the shock and shame mingled, lucky, proceed directly hits professionally SwiftYou Belong with Me WHO was then dilantunkannya, while Confirming the position of the back of the dress is still slightly open.

David Beckham's new tattoo bearing the name of daughter

Senin, 01 Agustus 2011 comments: 1

As a happy expression have been granted a princess named Seven Harper, David Beckham put a new tattoo bearing the name of his daughter's neck.

Princess perumput first and fourth child and Victoria Beckham's LA Galaxy were the resource persons the resource persons the resource persons born Earlier this month. Becks and his wife then Agreed to give his daughter's name was Harper Seven. Now, Becks put a new tattoo bearing the name of his daughter's under her neck.

Rafi So youngest Producer


Rafi and The Beat who founded the former drummer little Rafi finally released the album entitled 'MusicFrom Our Sou'l. Remarkably, the album was produced Rafi was given an award bythe Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).

Rafi received an award from MURI for being the youngest producer in Indonesia.Currently working on his album, Rafi was still 12 years old.

"Despite her age has been 14 years but the process of Becoming a producer Pls hewas 12 years old," said director MURI, Jaya Suprana in Senayan, Jakarta, recently.

To realize That project, Rafi recruit a number of young musicians. As Agus Kristianto(bass), Satriawan Wiguna (keyboards), Felix Haryono (guitar), Raben (MC Rap) andRudolf (vocals). The result, They pour ten songs in one album.

On this album, Rafi incorporate many elements of soul music. However, jazz character attached to it Remains a vital element in the album. Recycling song's late Tim, You're Gonna Say Their chosen to be first single.

"The song as a form if We appreciate the music of Indonesia. Rafi also familiar with the song creator, Guruh Soekarno Putra and We ngefans with the late Tim. We are at the same time educate the children of today to appreciate the song Indonesia. We love but still another color, "explains Rafi.

Vital tools Owned Small Enrique Iglesias


Enrique Iglesias made ​​a surprise confession in front of his fans. He spoke bluntly about the size of genitals.

Latin singer's concert was held Down Under. Then Suddenly he was interested in peeling about personal matters.

"What is usually seen from a Spanish man penis size? In fact, it is a different thing. Maybe I have a face Spain, but the size of the smallest dick in the world. I'm serious," says Enrique That laughter and cheers of the audience.